How Does it Work?

On the website we offer many songs available to licence to the ‘Song Buyer”, for use by professional vocalists, amateur singers, groups, managers etc. These songs are divided into various genres such as pop, rock, dance, jazz, indie, electronic etc. to ensure it is easier for the ‘Song Buyer’ to find the song that suits them. Thousands of songs written by top quality songwriters  have been professionally A&R’d and only the best 3% to 4% chosen to bring the creme de la creme of songs for you to licence from Chooseatrack.

These songs have been written by ‘Professional Songwriters’ worldwide, many with awards and chart hits to their name. The songs on have never been released before in the mainstream on a major record label or been successful in any territory in any form, as yet!

The ‘Song Buyer’ listens to the individual song samples on the website and if they find a song that they really like and want to license then they contact us at chooseatrack immediately. Every song is available on a ‘first come first served’ basis so once the song has gone it has gone.

Although we have a multitude of songs on the homepage because we utilise so many talented ‘Professional Songwriters’ we have many more available in each genre. If the ‘Song Buyer’ wishes to listen to a further selection of songs not on the website but in their chosen genre they can contact us and we will provide them with further songs.

Once the song is purchased the song is withdrawn from the website and we send the ‘Song Buyer’ a contract giving them the licence for exclusive use of the song for 4 years. After this time they have the sole option of extending the song licence for their own personal use if they wish too.

When the contract is signed we send the ‘Song Buyer’ the MP3 of the standard main vocal version of the song.  They will also receive a full set of lyrics to the song. For no additional cost we will request with the individual ‘Professional Songwriter’ for any additional versions of the song that they might have such as a P.A. Version for playing live or an Instrumental Version but we cannot guarantee they can provide this. In addition, in some cases, if requested and available we will provide the ‘Song Buyer’ with the original individual files for each instrument again at no additional cost.

That’s it! The ‘Song Buyer’ can now use the song for any number of areas. It can be released as a single, an album track or streamed on platforms such as Spotify, Itunes, Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube etc. The song can be used in song competitions around the world including Eurovision, San Remo Festival, Junior Eurovision and many others and of course it can be played live at a show or gig. Have it available as a download or even a physical product such as a CD or vinyl record release. The ‘Song buyer’ can also make royalties (money) as the recording rights owner as money is due when a song is viewed as a stream or sold as a download or physical product. Remember the ‘Song Buyer’ has exclusive use of a song that can be used for a multitude of purposes.

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