Jolina Carl Biography

During a family party in Cologne, Germany, a special musical career began. Jolina Carl discovered an old guitar and a love for music. Many years of self-study on guitar and vocals followed, as well as playing in various bands, different styles of music, vocal training and countless stage performances.

Finding that country music suited her style perfectly, Jolina released her debut album ‘Lieber Jetst Als Irgendwann’ in 2009 with majority of songs penned in the German language and the album became lauded in her home territory. Employing a more versatile sound, her second album ‘Let’s Party’ appeared in 2012 along with extensive European touring. ‘Shades Of Love’, her third album, was even more accessible and sung entirely in the English language and was released on the Old Rocking Horse record label in 2014.

Jolina Carl is one of the most successful country music artists in Europe. During her album productions, Jolina worked with musicians of the highest degree in Nashville. On “Shades Of Love” Jolina persuaded national and international major songwriters to write songs for her, reflecting her own idea of American country music. The songs range from gentle country ballad via traditional sounds with typical country elements up to Southern Rock.

In 2018, Jolina released her highly anticipated fourth album ‘Forward Back Home’ to great critical claim again on the Old Rocking Horse label and wrote with songwriters such as Bernd Ege. Her own songs and the selection of tracks by other composers compliment each other beautifully as well as the cover versions or her two duets with Grammy winner Billy Yates and country shooting star Ray Scott.

The famous TV program „PRISMA“ recently named her “Best German Country Singer“ and before Coronavirus sadly kicked in Jolina had just toured on international stages in Poland, Switzerland and Austria. She was the first and only German artist at the legendary “National Cowboy Symposium” in Lubbock, Texas, where she was greeted with great enthusiasm and rapturous acclaim by top American musicians and fans alike. While in the USA she performed with Mark Alan Cash (nephew of Johnny Cash), Stan Perkins (son of Carl Perkins) and W.S. “Fluke” Holland.

Jolina’s crowning glory is as the winner of many national and international music awards and she was the only non-american artist in the final round of the NASHVILLE UNIVERSE AWARDS “Female Vocalist Of The Year“ where she finished in the top 5, an unheard of achievement for a foreign country music artist.

As of 2020, she is busy writing songs for her fifth album.

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