Max Mertens Biography

Max Mertens is an established out and out professional songwriter originally from the Groningen area in the Netherlands. He was signed up to the now defunct Beach-C publishing group in the Benelux territories in the early 2000s, however he made a name for himself in Japan as the writer of many J Pop songs including number one hits ‘Could Have Known’ and ‘I’m Gonna Getcha’.

He subsequently moved to Taiwan and co-produced and wrote the Paula album ‘Seven Seas’ which spawned a number of hits in the Asian market. He then wrote for Malaysian artist Akiko before a variety of Chinese labels requested his services from 2011 as a songwriter, producer and advisor of European Music Markets. One of the pioneers of the Dancebyte Movement later to become what is now known as the Tik Tok mobile video craze he signed to the fledgling Biene Biene Meer Publishing in 2016 and moved back to Europe where he wrote for Darshan, Daphne Yuck and The Helsinki Connection amongst many artists and received an award in the Taiwan Hall of Fame for his songwriting achievements.

He owns recording studios in both Schmallenberg in Germany and Basel in Switzerland where he divides his time.

During the Coronavirus pandemic Max has commenced work from home on two projects, a pop opera for an Asian boy band provisionally titled ‘The Sun Sets As The Moon Rises’ as well as writing songs for a new album by Scandinavian girl group ‘Che’.

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