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Welcome to the unique site where you can buy a song from a selection of worldwide professional songwriters. The ideal opportunity to choose and purchase an original song from our online library below on a ‘first come – first served basis’.

The site is continuously updated with new songs in a variety of different genres and styles to suit the requirements for any new budding vocalist through to the professional artist and all written by specialist expert songwriters with many years of experience in the music industry from around the world.

Perfect for competitions such as Eurovision, Junior Eurovision, San Remo Festival etc. and/or for use by the artist as a single or album track.

Remember works on a ‘first come – first served basis’ so once the song is purchased it is withdrawn from the site and no longer available and replaced by a new song in that particular genre. If you find a song that you like, don’t delay your decision and please contact us immediately. Giving the artist flexibility and choice to purchase songs at an ideal price.

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I have just started using Chooseatrack to find the songs I need for my gigs and inspiration. I love the idea of putting this on a webpage and cutting the hassle of having to listen to loads of tracks to find what I want, The search function is really useful.
John, Malta

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