Simon Young Biography

Simon Young has lived in Brighton in the UK since 1993 and is best known as the bass player and songwriter from ‘The Steamkings’.

‘The Steamkings’ were together for 16 years from 1986 until 2002 and achieved credible notoriety as a studio band. They recorded and released records with various music labels. These included Not Lame Records in the USA, Native Records and Cherry Red records both in the UK and with Sony/Epic Records over in Japan. 

Following ‘The Steamkings’ demise, Simon immediately set about forming the quirky, fun loving ‘Beachy Head Music Club’ with Dug Degnin and Nick Flowers in 2002.

With a voracious live following, the band embarked on various tours and subsequently hit the studio running with Simon knitting the fabric of the band together with his experience in ‘The Steamkings’. Not only was he the principle songwriter but also the producer and main arranger for the band.

‘Beachy Head Music Club‘ recorded 5 full albums until Dug’s unexpected passing in 2019 and as Simon says “The idea was to cram as many of our musical influences into one project, (from Miles Davis to the Bonzo Dog Band) determinedly refuse to take ourselves seriously, and have lots of fun.” 

You’ll find sax, glockenspiel, violins and flutes in the tracks that shift from the sounds of Ian Dury and The Blockheads, Madness and squeeze to the soundtracks of obscure early 1970s comedy films.

Since the end of ‘Beachy Head Music Club’ he has played bass in various bands. He has also produced 2 pioneering albums of original material under the name ‘Teep’ focusing intently on cultivating his already acclaimed songwriting skills. As of 2020 Simon is currently working on an album at home like everyone else in these strange days. Simon owns a mellotron so fingers crossed.

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